The Team

Grand Caicos Holdings

Grand Caicos Holdings Ltd. (“GCH”) currently owns 41 acres of beachfront property in Grand Caicos, including the Aniyana site, fee simple.

Future Potential

Under a Development Agreement with the British and Turks and Caicos Governments, GCH is also entitled to an additional 58 acres of beachfront with first right of refusal on an additional 900 acres, surrounded by RAMSTAR protected areas.

Dedication & Experience

GCH has invested in:

1. Purchasing initial parcels
2. Securing all contracts and approvals from the British and Turks and Caicos Governments
3. Creating a foundation of local self-sufficiency
4. Surveys and land registration
5. Early stage infrastructure construction
6. Master Plan designed by McBains Cooper
7. Global Sales & Marketing by 7th Heaven Properties